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Far From The Heart: Interactive Short Film about Dating Violence

Scene Select

I’d Tap That

Give Him a Beer

Don’t Say That

So... Last Night

She’s Your Girlfriend Now

The Red Dress

My Slut

Slutty Fun Girl

Right On

I’m Beautiful

The Sweater

Put it On

Rachel Helps



Ask for a Bottle


Call a Cab

Ask Rachel


Go with him

Don’t go with him

The Bedroom Scene

"I Can Fix That"


Go to Bathroom


The Aftermath

Say She Made a Mistake

Tell Her its not her Fault

What do you want to do?

Agree: Give him a beer

Disagree: Don’t say that!




Watch the movie about teenage date rape and abuse. Decide Felicity’s fate on her girls’ night out through the choices you make. You can even create your own ending and share it.

This is an interactive movie. At key decision points, the story changes. Click on the word prompt to select your path.
Tip: You can use the Scene Select map to quickly navigate to where you were or to revisit scenes.

Warning: Contains profanity and violence which may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. By clicking Play, you agree that you are aware of this and wish to continue.

Best Shorts Competition Award of Merit: Short Film Nominee Yorkton Film Festival 2012 Accolade Film Festival Award

Far From The Heart is an interactive film, and a travelling live theatre show, and a collection of educational resources about the issues of teenage dating violence, abuse and date rape. You can get involved.


Take Action Against Violence Against Women

Contact us to find out more about using this educational project to prevent youth dating violence and abuse and to share your thoughts and feedback.