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Dating Violence Prevention

Far From The Heart is a unique teaching tool. It was originally developed as a theatre presentation in collaboration with a group of teens that empowered youth to speak and act out their thoughts and attitudes about dating violence. The live show continues to tour (in both French and English) but FFTH now also includes an innovative short film where the audience gets to determine the fate of the main character, Felicity, through the choices they make and even provide their own endings via YouTube. These two programs and the other resources included on this website provide educators (in both schools and communities) with invaluable tools and opportunities for discussion. It has proven to be very effectiveDownload pdf File in changing attitudes and behaviours around the issues of teenage dating violence, sexual assault and rape and promoting healthy relationships.

Why Use the Far From The Heart Educational Program

86% of all sexual offences reported to the police in 2004 involved girls under the age of 18.

Ontario Women’s Directorate
up from 63% in 1996

How do you prevent the events that lead to sexual assault or rape? Our response is a multifaceted program based on prevention through education – in this case, a rehearsal for life. FFTH creates a win-win environment through a project that fulfills many curriculum requirements and a process developed by a coalition of educators, artists, social service workers and teenagers.

Download the Teacher’s Guide in EnglishDownload pdf File and FrenchDownload pdf File
Far From the Heart Ontario Curriculum ConnectionsDownload pdf File

Far From The Heart is a step in the right direction to help our youth create environments that nurture safe relationships.

Far From The Heart was created in collaboration with teens. It speaks their language. It involves them actively. It uses “higher learning skills”.

It can help to make change.


  • Students actively engage in activity that continues the integration and use of the knowledge arising from FFTH.

  • Students create tools that get the message out to other youth about sexual assault within relationships.

  • They use the internet and social media to create positive social messages.

“I cannot imagine an investment that has the potential to impact so many students... and provide our staff with the necessary resources to tackle the crucial conversations that must take place related to relationship issues.”

Mary Anne Alton
Director of Education, Ret., Bluewater District School Board

How to Use Far From The Heart

FFTH provides a number of opportunities and resources for educators. We invite you to:

Community Partners

“Far From the Heart works to successfully increase students’ knowledge and shift attitudes”

– University of Regina
Community Research Unit

Download ReportDownload pdf File

“A great tool for helping young people learn about the realities of sexual violence.”

– Women’s Post

Social work, health care, justice and recreation workers are integral to the process of Far From the Heart. They talk with the students to explore the issues more deeply and to engage them in personal conversations. If someone needs their counsel, the students now have a friendly face to go with the service.

For information, download the Facilitator’s ManualDownload pdf File

Disponsible en français: Loin du Coeur: Guide de Formation pour AnimateurDownload pdf File

Community agencies have sponsored many presentations in schools and community settings. Interested in booking a live show?

“There are already requests to our Domestic Violence Committee to have you return again another year.”

Ms. Terri Regimbal
Crown Attorney, District of Temiskaming
Co-Chair, Community Abuse Advisory Committee


Contact us to find out more about this educational project about preventing youth dating violence, abuse and date rape and to share your thoughts and feedback.